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Get our Shark Power Wash Pros Christmas Light Installation Service and Brighten Your Christmas!

Are you searching for someone who can hang the Christmas Lights for you? Well! You are in the best place. We are the number 1 Christmas light company that offers complete Holiday decoration and Christmas light services.
Our process being with a custom design ideally suited for your business or home. We offer all the necessary Christmas equipment, labor, decorations, and lights. We can handle everything, which includes storage, maintenance, installation, and takedown in January.

Our Process of Christmas Light Installation


We listen to your needs and provide a diversity of choices customers designed for your budget and home. Also, we provide you with a warm white and a selection of lights to choose from. We can quickly lighten up the columns, trees, bushes, houses, and much more!


Our installation times begin in October; please book up fast. Our expert grade lights are suitable for the home. The extension cords are well concealed and custom lengths. You can have full control of the timer. Whether you want to wait for the lights on till December or want the lights on instantly, it is up to you!


We ensure all the materials and lights that we offer. It means if bad pets, kids, or whether knocks down your lights, you can call us again, and we come to rehang them.


We will come back to take down the lights in January, label, and store all the lights of Christmas. We will review and ensure all the lights are ready for the next season. We will take care of any repairs or replacements at our platform and make sure everything is prepared for the upcoming season.

Residential Christmas Light Installation

We provide our exceptional services to thousands of houses every year. Well! You are in good hands. Our process is focused on the homeowner and suitability. We aim to make your season brighter. When you decide the design, we will handle the rest. Our software permits you to see the next service date, pay invoices or deposits, approve quotes, send a work request, and much more. Our team is trained to offer fast solutions and answer questions. You will be amazed by the quality of artistry and the lights you receive.

You will get positive compliments from your family, friends, and neighbors!

See What We Can DO For Your Home

Our Christmas Lighting Service is Entirely Different as Compared to Others

Your Home is Protected and Safe

Our technicians are professional for quality and safety, and we use high-quality materials. We measure the electric current to make sure all the decorations are installed as per the manufacture specifications.

Same-Day Quotes

In most of the cases, we get rid of the need for an on-site visit during the process of quoting. We can rapidly offer a quote by inquiring some questions and checking the dimensions or pictures of your home through Google Maps. Never waste time waiting for any other company to get back to you. Talk to us today for the best experience of lighting.

Quick Emergency Service

We offer a fast emergency service in case your decorations fall or dogs and kids playing something rough and knock anything over. Just let us know that a repair is required, and we can fix this problem within a day.

Professional Grade Lighting

The quality of our decorations and light exceeds as compared to those found at Amazon, local stores, etc. High-quality light bulbs come with the best energy efficiency. While maintaining a traditional or natural color/he, our bulbs give off the best light. The cords for power supply are well-hidden and custom lengths.

Our Benefits of Christmas Lighting

Finally, you can have the best Christmas lights that you always imagined. With our latest LED technology, you will not find any increase in energy consumptions. Thus, you do not need to worry about lifting a finger to take them down or find a storage place. Shark Power Wash Pros will offer you an entire home care lighting package.

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